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Bathroom remodel: splurge on the shower!

shower remodel

Ready to remodel your bathroom?

Splurge on the shower.

People just don't spend time in the tub anymore. While having a primary tub in your home is practical, most homeowners are content with just that one. Instead of installing a secondary tub, people are much more apt to design a fabulous shower instead.

There are so many options available to create larger, more luxurious shower spaces now. Gone are the encapsulated shower stalls with zero elbow room, no in-shower storage for shampoo or body wash, and frustratingly low-end water pressure.

Think about what kind of shower experience you want...high pressure shower heads, body sprays, and even steam generators are popular options for remodels and new installations.

Specialty bathroom fixtures have become more water-efficient, but adding these types of elements can result in more water and energy usage. It might also mean your bathroom's existing water lines will need to be resized and upgraded.

Beal Plumbing & Heating, LLC can accommodate your shower wants from remodeling your current set up to installing a brand new design.

Here is a gorgeous example of what your shower space can be!

Our recently finished remodel in a home in North Yarmouth, Maine is complete with a 3-way diverter shower valve that allows control of up to three separate components. The adjustable track bar lets you conveniently adjust the height of the handheld shower head too.

Stepping into this shower is now more like a spa experience than a body care routine!

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